terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2011

Toy Story Time Out

Photos by Camp Fotografia
 What to do when your limited on both budget and time?

As Buzz would say, "Sheriff, this is no time to panic."

Planning a party at the last minute might seem a bit nightmarish, but you'd be surprised what you can pull off under pressure.

For this party, the theme was an easy one. "Toy Story 3" had been released not so many months prior and because it was another Disney hit, party supplies weren't so hard to come by. But monetary constraints meant that a shopping spree wasn't the solution for this last minute soiree. So what was going to make this celebration of a little boy's 3rd year spectacular? 


After a few phone calls and emails to friends and neighbors, I was set with plenty to adorn the party room. Lucky for me, the Toy Story franchise wasn't limited to Disney licensed products. 

Classic kid playthings like Mr. Potato Head, piggy banks and blocks helped in adding to the arsenal of Toy Story characters I was able to collect.

Going with primary colors, I made it easy to brighten up the room with balloons. Add some personalized labels on water bottles and candy, plus a stack of cowboy hats, and the theme is complete. 

Despite being short on time and budget, the party was a success. How could it not be when it was all about... toys?

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