sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2011

Intimate Baptism: Delicate Design

Photography by Claudia Novaes

I’ll admit it. I’m a lover of party glitz. I feel there is always that perfect equation between elegance and bling – and my job is to find it. However, in some situations, less is definitely more.

Take, for example, when you are holding a gathering in a small place of worship.

Sometimes the challenge you take on is one of location. For a baptism celebration held in a space that was distinctive in both shape and style, simplicity was the only way to go. Plus, with the aesthetics of Rio de Janeiro's tropical foliage surrounding the scene, there was little that would do better to enhance.

Regardless of the occasion, there’s an essential inventory of considerations to execute a fantastic event. In this case, my list focused on subtlety and style.

Lembrancinha by Agnus Dei

First – the invitation. While I normally am a tried and true trio person when it comes to color, for a baptism, I tend to trend toward coupling soft hues. Pink and white, obvious but classic, is where I strayed for this event. Pure, innocent, awesome.

Cake by Regina Rodrigues cake designer (21) 2275 3320 

I pulled this subtle scheme through the cake, sweets, decoration and commemoration. In the end, the atmosphere was sweet and light, while a glass of champagne in each hand made sure that everyone knew there was a reason to rejoice.

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