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What About Wonderland?

What do you do with a party theme like "Alice in Wonderland?" Honestly, I was a rather frightened of this Disney classic when I was a child. So many elements, so many weird and wacky characters, so many (dark) colors - so much chaos! So how do I turn this tale into a happy celebration for a little girl? In the story, Alice had a problem similar to mine when I took on this project. Chasing the elusive white rabbit. As she goes down the “rabbit hole” she wonder where exactly she will end up, and as I analyzed the various possibilities of this party, I wondered the same.

The important thing to focus on with a theme that has so very many possibilities is to find a thread of consistency - and stick with it. While you want to stay true to the sentiments of the story's origins, in this case disorder and whimsy, you need to create an environment that's festive and comfortable for guests. However, dealing with an idea like this gives you almost endless freedom to be creative and make your mark.  

So where to begin? Like any good story, you begin... at the beginning. The invitation.

A party invitation sets the stage for the celebration and expectations for your guests. Envelopes handcrafted from storybook pages allow the invitee to share a bit of the story prior to the party. It's also makes for a lovely keepsake.

Another challenge was, unlike newly released or re-released films, Alice in Wonderland hadn't played in theaters for decades. So Alice party supplies were scarce. But the film has some timeless imagery that made the design more than possible.

Characters like the Queen of Hearts, talking tiger lillies and rose gardens can lead to some very girly possibilities. 

Planning for this party is currently in the works, but I’ll be posting the outcome in the upcoming months.

Wish me luck! 

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