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Disney Princess: Culture Bash

The world is getting smaller. Like most big cities, Sao Paulo has its share of multicultural families and that population continues to increase.

Photos by Camp Fotografia

I thought designing a party for the daughter of an American mom and a Brazilian dad was going to be pretty straightforward. The theme was Disney Princess, a popular choice. Anticipating the party, the couple had brought a bounty of Princess themed party goods in their move from New York to Sao Paulo, so we were set on supplies. But I didn’t anticipate the clash of culture that occurred over a 3-year-old’s birthday.

Catering by General Prime Burger

For most in the States, a birthday party consists of pizzas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and birthday cake. But a Brazilian birthday party involves much, much more. The idea of having an elaborate sweet table, well, it kind of scared this Manhattan mom. And with good reason. Some sweet displays can get quite outlandish if put in less attentive hands. She also didn’t understand the typical children party menu and why mini-hotdogs and brigadeiro were a requirement. Honestly, with a child that was only two, she didn’t have much experience in this arena as it was. But the Brazilian family and friends that were to be the guests of this event has certain expectations.

So what did I do? For one, I backed off the Brazilian bling.

Cupcake tower/cake by Carla Prado

We made the cake table simple. A lovely, themed cupcake tower with some Disney Princess dolls and a garden of sweets calmed her fears.

While children’s birthday parties in Brazil are usually light on adults, she had invited quite a few and as it was being held on a Saturday, we knew they would probably show up (especially since many were Americans). So we included a gourmet buffet complete with cocktails. To balance out the Brazilian elements, we injected some American party activities like a piñata.

In the end, everyone, Brazilians and foreigners alike, felt in his or her element. And of course, the party princess had a fabulous time at very her first Brazilian bash.
Photos by Camp Fotografia

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